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What is the difference between the Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) Dongles?

As of 22-Dec 2020, PTS v8.0.0 supports 2 dongle types (BR/EDR/LE and LE Only).

Both dongles will continue to be available and supported for the foreseeable future. 

BR/EDR/LE - up to v4.2 supported NEW LE Only - up to v5.2 supported (Laird Connectivity, part number 451-00004)



This PTS dongle supports LE/BR/EDR test cases up to v4.2 only This PTS dongle supports only LE test cases, but up to v5.2
  • Supports the majority of PTS test cases except for the ones that require Bluetooth Core Spec 5.0 or newer features such as Extended Advertising or Isochronous Channels
  • Only supported by PTS Version 8.0.0 and higher
  • Cannot be used for testing BR/EDR test cases
Purchase BR/EDR/LE dongle here.

LE Only dongle can be purchased from authorized distributors.

Arrow Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics

Note: These are just two possible distributors, the dongle can be purchased from other authorized distributors.